Daniel Lyons is an associate professor at the Boston College Law School. The areas that he focuses on are tech, telecom, administrative, and property law. He has spent time working in the private legal sector on telecom, administrative and energy law as well. This background helped Daniel develop the valuable experience that he now brings to the table every day as a professor.

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Daniel is currently a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute where he provides his legal expertise to the organization. The AEI is a think tank that focuses on public policy for the sake of building a better world.

In addition to his work in the private sector before joining the Boston College Law School, Daniel Lyons also clerked for Judge Cynthia Holcomb Hall of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This was a fantastic learning experience to kick start his career. A strong clerkship experience is worth its weight in gold and will provide value long after the clerkship has ended. It’s very likely that Daniel Lyons learned a lot from that time.

Some of the interesting legal work that Daniel Lyons participated in involves the FSS and CPUC. Daniel has been part of rulemaking proceeding with both the FCC and the California Public Utilities Commission which were both great learning experiences for legal work at the highest level.

Daniel Lyons has worked in the state and federal litigation space on a wide variety of regulatory issues for his clients. This has given him a well-rounded background that he frequently uses when teaching at Boston College.

Daniel has spent time lecturing for various seminars and classes outside of BC especially on topics that are related to tech regulation. There’s so much of this industry that’s being figured out on the fly when it comes to regulation, that we often need experienced individuals to step up to the plate and provide their opinion.

Among the various papers and lectures that Daniel Lyons has given over the years, the hottest topic seems to be that of ISPs pricing models. While this might not seem overly exciting at first, it could have massive implications that affect almost every household in America.

Daniel believes that the package-based models for pricing that ISPs are currently using won’t work in the long term. He proposes a usage price model that would allow for more fair access to the internet. Not only would this allow low-usage customers to save money, but it would give low-income households more of an incentive to get online and benefit from what the internet has to offer.

If you want to learn more about Daniel Lyons you can visit his Boston College faculty page or follow him on Twitter.

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