Located in San Diego, CA, Carlo Dupone is a driven and passionate real estate professional. He serves as the president of Dupone Capital LLC. Carlo loves being an entrepreneur and works hard to bring excellence to every part of his job. 

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He began his entrepreneurial journey at UCLA and Later the University of Canterbury. While at UCLA Dupone earned an undergraduate degree in economics. From here, he furthered his education at the University of Canterbury where he attained his Master’s Degree in Marketing. All of this educational experience helped launch Carlo’s professional career. 

Carlo Dupone has always had an interest in real estate and that’s why he started working in the industry. In 2014, he founded Dupone Capital LLC., a company that focuses on real estate development, acquisition, and investing. Since the beginnings of Dupone Capital LLC., Carlo has worked hard to grow the business. The business can now handle up to 100–250 unit acquisitions at one time. His most favorite part of working in the industry is working alongside architects in the many cities he visits to conduct business.

Aside from his professional career in real estate, Carlo Dupone enjoys spending time with his family and staying active. For over 30 years, Carlo has been a martial arts student with individual focus on disciplines of Krav Maga, American Kenpo, and Taekwondo. The discipline Carlo finds in his martial arts practice helps him in his professional life. Outside of martial arts he enjoys golfing, scuba diving, and exercising.

Carlo is also passionate about giving back to his community. He believes that investing time and care in the people and community around you can make a big impact. Carlo is an active participant at the Ronald Mcdonald House and Rady Foundation in San Diego.

For more information on Carlo Dupone, you can visit his blog or connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Habits of Successful Real Estate Investors

Investing in real estate is a great way to gain wealth. However, people often make the mistake of thinking that real estate investing is easy money. Carlo Dupone knows that’s far from the truth. Real estate ventures require you to be highly involved, and without the right knowledge, it’s challenging to be successful. The following are habits of successful real estate investors that you should follow when venturing into this business.

They Are Involved: Carlo Dupone believes that success in this industry requires you to be involved. Even if you hire a manager to oversee your property, there has to be some level of oversight. You are the one that saw an opportunity, gathered funds, and invested in the building. Therefore, you’re still responsible for the property no matter where you are. Ask for reports from the property manager to see how things are going. Also, check the books to make sure that everything is balancing out, and there’s no misappropriation of funds.

They Understand the Market: The real estate market is ever-changing. A successful real estate investor will look at all aspects of the industry and analyze the numbers. They will also examine the market to see the average income and mortgage rates. Knowing the numbers helps you value your properties accordingly.

They Pick a Niche: There are multiple sectors in the real estate industry: suburban family homes, commercial real estate, condos, and apartments. Carlo Dupone reveals that a smart real estate investor picks a niche that appeals to them and learns it. They will study the market to know the design and price trends. You need to be patient and only invest in that niche until another opportunity arises in a different market.

They Plan: All successful businesses have a short and long term strategy. Successful real estate investors treat their properties as investments and have a plan to achieve the goals they have for the property. With a business plan in place, you can look at the big picture. This helps keep the focus on overarching goals. Developing a plan will keep you on track, focused, and organized. Planning helps investors stay calm and composed at all times.

They Network: Real estate investing is a people business. Building a network of other professionals in the industry gives real estate investors support and generates opportunities for those new to the industry. A good network gives you a toolbox of success. You might just find your mentor, business partner, or a client.

Real estate investing is a business like any other. If you want to succeed in this business, have a plan, understand the market, focus on one niche, and build a network of other real estate professionals. Remember, this is only a starting point for your success. Creating a successful career in this industry takes hard work and dedication.

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