Alexandra Vino is a multitalented entertainer and artist who has been in the industry for nearly two decades. Although she already had over twenty commercials under her belt before her big-screen debut, Alexandra appeared in the comedic Bollywood caper, Badmaash Company, and was an instant success. Although she technically began her career doing television commercials, her professional career started in the film business. As a result, Alexandra became interested in learning the Method Acting trade. She was able to finance her classes by cleaning as well as assisting her acting coaches. Some of these coaches included Martin Bregman, Ellen Burstyn, and Greta Seacat. These individuals taught Alexandra so much that she became a lifetime member of The Actors Studio. She is also a notable producer and screenwriter.

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Alexandra Vino is much more than a talented television and movie actress. In addition to acting, Alexandra is a talented singer, dancer, and painter. She is known for her work in both the arts and philanthropy. Alexandra frequently gives back to the community by supporting organizations such as Stop Poaching Now. In addition to being a talented actress, she is a yoga master and a spiritual seeker.

Alexandra Vino stays true to her unique self in both career and life while also embracing her Italian and Russian roots. She has enjoyed her experiences using method acting, a type of expression-based acting, to give authentic performances. Unlike traditional acting techniques, which are often focused on action, Alexandra is known for her ability to immerse herself in her characters.

In her personal life, Alexandra has sought to gain a more profound sense of purpose. She has been inspired by the bravery and humility shown by others. She avoids getting distracted by her own ego and focuses on her spirit and essence instead. This philosophy is carried out in her work and her continued search for inspiration in others. Alexandra enjoys being in a supportive environment where like-minded individuals share their creativity. She is unafraid of taking on challenges and connecting with her higher self. When faced with apprehension and fear, she leans in, knowing that she will develop as a person.
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A Review Of Alexandra Vino’s Acting Resume

Working as an actress can bring along a variety of opportunities that one may not get again. This is one of the reasons that Alexandra Vino has never taken her career for granted, as she understands the opportunities she has experienced. Since she first began working as an actress, Alexandra has been featured in 33 movies, beginning in 2009. She had the chance to work in several small films and TV series at the beginning of her career before building out her resume. 

Early Work

After doing about a dozen or so Student films as a teenager, with SVA, Hunter College, and Columbia University, and two dozen or so commercials, Alexandra landed her first star role in a feature film, Badmaash Company. This movie was a huge success, with Yaj Chopra, where Alexandra’s career took a strong leap forward! Alexandra played the role of Linda in the film. She also landed roles in HBO’s TV series, How To Make It In America the following year. Some of her other roles over the next few years included a mix of TV shows, Feature Films, and Short Films, such as That Dress, A Cat in Heat, Thicker Than Water, My Butterfly, Makin’ it, A Chance in Hell, CBS’s Goldenboy, Subterranean Love, This Is Love, The Shakedowns, Joe Dante’s Burying The Ex, Mark Wahlbergs – The Gambler, The Pool: Momma Outta Bullets, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Soulmates, and Consult And Conquer(Written and Directed- 2Award Winning), Her various roles during her early years helped set the foundation she needed for success within the entertainment industry and opened up new opportunities for her career. 

Most Recent Work

Since 2016, Alexandra Vino has been busy working on a variety of projects, both as an actress and director. One of her major roles came in 2018 in the film Paul: Apostle Of Christ. The movie follows Luke, who decides to travel to meet Paul, an Apostle who has been imprisoned in Rome. Alexandra played the role of Octavia and gained extensive praise throughout the film’s creation. 

Another major film Alexandra was featured in recently came in 2020 with the movie Spenser Confidential. The movie is about one former police officer that begins investigating the murder of two Boston police officers. Alexandra played the role of Gloria Weisnewski and had the opportunity to work alongside well-known actors Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke.

Her most recent work came in 2022 with the film Green Kola, which she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in. The film would go on to win the “Best Film” award at the Paris Independent Film Festival. “Best Mockumentary” award at the Manhattan Film Festival. “Honorable Mention” award at the Be Epic London Film Festival, and is now opening the LA Shorts Film Festival, which gives it’s winners the opportunity to be nominated for The Academy Awards, or a BAFTA!

Diversifying her work

Alexandra Produced Short Film Soulmates, a nominated short film, her first. Then she produced wrote and Directed Consult and Conquer, where she shot the movie in Director Nicholas Cassevettes House, and allowed Director Rob Cohen to crash his Porsche in the movie! Shortly after Alexandra Directed multiple music videos, and was hired by Sony Pictures Producer David Zelon, to direct and create multiple pilot presentations. Alexandra has written multiple feature films, TV series, and childrens books, which she will continue to pursue the creation of. As well, she has her hand in a few unscripted competition shows as a creator! 

Alexandra enjoys working in Voice Over, and did the voice for many episodes of Gotham: A Dark Knight, She worked on set in Mile 22 with Mark Wahlberg in Colombia, and then was cast to do all the fight efforts for the female cast, e: Ronda Rowsey and Lauren Cowen. 

Alexandra also worked in post on the HBO series Ballers, and the hit film Sniper. 

Something we don’t know about her work. Alexandra also has a knack for doing delivery on classic films. Bringing old films to current digital standards for distribution.

Alexandra Vino continues to build her resume with opportunities as an actor, producer, and director. Her natural knack for the entertainment industry and extensive experience have helped her build her skills for long-term success. This breakdown doesn’t include her Voice Over Resume! 

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