Finances and financial literacy are Aaron Parthemer’s expertise and what has made him lead a very successful career. At PMG Private CFO Services, Aaron Parthemer lends his clients his financial knowledge to make sure they have the proper financial advisor to guide them. With his team, he can assist his clients with their day to day management. Aaron and the entire team at PMG work diligently to create unbeatable value for all of his clients. 

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First and foremost, Aaron Parthemer works hard to ensure that each client creates a proactive plan in approaching taxation. For those professional athletes who compete across the country, they are responsible for paying taxes in each city and state they play in. With Aaron’s help, these players pay the least amount possible while also ensuring everything is legal and within the tax code. Because of all that Aaron does for them, the client is charged a fraction of what a big firm charges. The efficient systems that PMG has created make all of this possible, despite the fact that an individual tax return includes as many as ten state and local returns and occasionally exceeds 2,000 pages upon completion. 

Although tax preparation and filing tax returns are at the core, the services provided at PMG Private CFO Services are incredibly unique. Aaron Parthemer likes to think of the business as a “We Do Everything” one-stop-shop for individuals. He takes immense pride in the work that he and his team do. As a team, they work to be as accommodating and personalized as possible for their clients. They gladly take as many of the daily tasks off of their client’s shoulders as possible. For each of these clients, Aaron and his team provide due diligence services, bill payment, works with their family, helps with travel needs and much more. 

Aaron Parthemer experiences no qualms about serving others and will fill whatever role his clients need to make their lives easier, even if it means taking off his President jacket and putting on an Assistant one, should his clients require it.

Aaron Parthemer Shares How to Boost Your Financial Literacy

To take control of your personal finances, Aaron Parthemer knows the importance of boosting your financial literacy to secure a strong financial future. However, he also knows how difficult it can be to improve your knowledge of how finances work—numbers and terms arent easy to learn right off the bat, which can be quite frustrating. While there is no easy fix for this, he knows how people can boost their financial literacy. 

Start with Newspapers and Magazines

To start getting more on top of your finances, Aaron suggests looking to newspapers and magazines. Publications that focus mainly on money matters and finances can give you up-to-date information monthly, weekly, and even daily. This is a great way to keep up with current events and financial trends. Look through the financial sections of your local or regional newspaper, as well as the finance and business newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Forbes, and Money.

Listen to a Podcasts

Another way to stay up to date on finance trends and boost your knowledge is by regularly listening to a financial podcast. Podcasts are great for building a better understanding of a new topic because they tend to use language easier to digest and comprehend. Many of these podcasts are hosted by financial industry leaders who know exactly what they’re talking about. Podcasts also make it easy to listen and learn about finance while doing housework, driving to work, working out, and other day-to-day activities. 

Take a Class

If you are serious about improving your financial literacy, head to a class at an adult education center, junior college, or four-year college. Aaron suggests choosing courses with subjects geared towards information that will help you learn how to manage your finances. There are even classes offered online, self-help books, and workbooks that can give you the knowledge you need to have stronger personal money management.

Seek Help From a Financial Professional

As a financial professional himself, Aaron Parthemer knows how important it is to seek help from someone who knows what they’re talking about. By connecting with a financial professional, they can easily answer all your financial questions and give you a rundown on the knowledge you need to know for your finances. When you meet with them, they’ll be able to offer an assessment of your current situation and help create the perfect financial plan for you.

Boosting your financial knowledge will definitely take time but will be well worth it in the end. Whether it be through reading an article, listening to podcasts, taking a class, or seeking the help of a finance professional, these efforts can benefit you and your future. Aaron Parthemer knows better than anyone the immense value of financial literacy.

Aaron Parthemer
PMG Private CFO Services