From a very early age, he developed an interest in teaching others and being a mentor to help people flourish from youth to adulthood. In addition, Stephen has always been drawn towards exercise science, specifically the discipline of Kinesiology, which examines the mechanisms of movement from a mixture of psychological, biomechanical, and dynamic perspectives. Resizeimage (7) (1)

After high school, Stephen attended Lamar University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. During these years, Stephen Patterson developed an interest in education as a career path. After graduation, he decided to continue on with his educational journey and he remained at Lamar University to earn his Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. From there, Stephen earned his doctorate degree from Stephen F. Austin State University with a focus on Educational Leadership and Administration.

He stayed on at Stephen F. Austin University after graduation in order to teach as an adjunct professor. From there, Stephen climbed the educational ladder from teacher to administrator and spent over two decades overall in the public education system, culminating in his role as superintendent of schools for Orangefield, Texas. 

After fulfilling his dream of working in academia, Stephen Patterson turned his sights on helping people achieve their financial long-term goals. He currently works as a financial advisor for Ameriprise Financial Services in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. He brings the same dedication and passion for helping others to this business venture as he did throughout his educational career, and working in the financial planning industry has given him insight into how wonderful life can be when someone has the right financial advisor to prepare for what lies ahead. Stephen stands out from his competitors by easing peoples’ minds and helping them to break-down their retirement planning into doable steps. This makes the experience effortless and helps ensure people will have a comfortable lifestyle and a legacy, while also be prepared for the unexpected. 

Golf is one of the reasons that Stephen is obsessed with exercise and movement. It provides a psychological and physiological benefit that he has enjoyed since he was a small boy and he makes every spare attempt to enjoy the links in his free time. 

Stephen Patterson is also very involved in his community and spent years working with the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce in many roles such as board member and Education Chairman as well as Chairman. Stephen is also a board member for several prestigious organizations such as the United Way of Orange County, Rotary International, and Leadership Southeast Texas.

Stephen Patterson on Making an Impact as a Leader

Stephen Patterson has over two decades of experience when it comes to being a leader, and he is well-versed in the different types of leadership styles. Regardless of which methodology you choose to follow, there are ways of making a greater impact on your team. 

In today’s day and age, teams need a calm, guiding influence more than ever. This applies to any environment – corporate, retail, or institutional. As a leader, it’s important to take all of your employees’ nervous energy and channel it into a productive way by giving them positive goals to focus on. Stephen Patterson understands that employees will be looking to their leader as an example, which means maintaining quiet strength will be the best approach whenever possible. 

Collaborative leadership can be a very effective style if done correctly. Stephen Patterson advises following several essential rules when implementing a collaborative leadership style. Words mean very little if they are not accompanied by action, and it is not enough to simply announce a collaborative approach, it must also be shown. This involves doing an honest self-assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses to determine what is best for your team as a whole. From there, you can begin to make the kinds of changes that will create a lasting impact.

One way to be a more influential leader is to delegate certain responsibilities with regard to problem-solving. Instead of the lone-wolf approach, Stephen Patterson advises you to involve your team in an effective way. Announce clearly who the decision-makers are so people know who to turn to, and then eliminate any unnecessary channels that employees need to go through in order to get a decision made. The second important trait of an impactful leader is to demonstrate that you value employees’ time by only holding meetings with clearly defined goals that focus on efficiency. Ask the group for help with new ideas to spark creativity, but not at unscheduled times. Taking employees away from their daily work does more than disrupt their momentum, it also shows them that you do not value them as equals. Lastly, if someone does have an idea they want to express, you must create a safe environment where they feel free to do so.

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