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Michael Ralby: Financial Executive

Michael Ralby: Financial Executive

As a father, leader, advisor, salesman, and financial professional, Michael Ralby has cultivated his skills in meaningful, influential ways. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Michael’s career has spanned several decades and has granted him proficiency in a number of financial markets. Presently, he has shifted his work to focus on more of a client-facing, consulting […]

Charles Licastro: Owner Of Ace Kitchens & Baths

Charles Licastro: Owner Of Ace Kitchens & Baths

Charles Licastro of Morristown, NJ is a home renovation expert with decades of experience. Growing up in a family full of builders and masons, this industry has always been a part of Charles’s life. From a young age, he was fascinated by the ability to transform a home into a work of art. During high […]

Eric Hulsman: President at Jay Holdings, Inc.

Eric Hulsman: President at Jay Holdings, Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in the real estate and business industries, Eric Hulsman has become a leader in his industry. Eric is currently the President and Managing Director of several of his residential, commercial and multi-family real estate holdings companies. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Eric Hulsman has opened a variety of businesses throughout […]

Moksh Popli: Entrepreneur And Business Consultant

Very few people can call themselves a true “Jack of All Trades,” but Moksh Popli is the real deal. Years of experience in business, advertising, IT consulting and security software, and travel consulting has allowed Moksh to acquire a well-rounded and impressive set of skills, making him an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. Now, […]

Steve Farzam: COO of the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, CA

Steve Farzam is not only a leader in the hospitality business for over 10 years, but also in emergency medicine, law, and disaster relief. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Shore Hotel in Santa Monica but has been in the hospitality industry from a young age since his family owned and operated a […]

Hani Al Saleh: CEO of Arabian Hala

Hani Al Saleh serves as the CEO of Arabian Hala​, a leading provider of logistics in Saudi Arabia. He specializes in supply chain management and transportation, ensuring that companies across the globe are able to work as efficiently as possible. His primary career experience includes initiating multiple investments, including Naqel Co. and Hala Supply Chains. […]

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Owner of SPS

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva is a Venezuelan businessman based in Miami. He owns Southern Procurement Services (SPS), which operates on a multinational platform and works to develop and offer the latest, most cutting-edge technology within the oil and petroleum sector. Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva has been working in the oil and petroleum industry for the […]

Larry Stone: Realtor Associate

Living in Margate City, NJ, Larry Stone works as a Realtor Associate for Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty where he primarily services the Margate, Longport, and Ventnor area. After retiring from teaching and playing golf full-time, Larry dove head first into a career in real estate and established himself in the area over 20 years ago. […]

Dan Bellows: Owner Of Sydgan

Dan Bellows is someone who can see a diamond in the rough. There are many construction companies out there that focus on the renovation and new construction of a home or building. Yet, there are very few who focus on renovating and restoring a portion of his home town. This is exactly what Dan Bellows […]

Alastair Majury: Data Scientist And Business Analyst

Alastair Majury is a seasoned professional in the data science and business analysis industries. His distinguished work in both fields has earned him the respect of his colleagues and community, and has allowed him to work with a variety of high-profile institutions. His work has led him to collaborate primarily with financial institutions. He is […]

Ephraim Vashovsky: CEO of Vasco Ventures

Ephraim Vashovsky is the CEO of Vasco Ventures, a commercial real estate investment company based in New York City, NY. The company began due to Ephraim’s love for real estate, and his desire to remodel and renovate properties. Ephraim can see the beauty in each property and loves making them look their best. From taking […]

Issac Qureshi: Director of Client Services at Ogilvy & Haart

Few people embody leadership with quite the same fervor and Issac Qureshi has throughout his career. Living in Manchester, UK, he has built an impressive career for himself over the past two decades. Currently, Issac is working as Director of Client Services at Ogilvy & Haart. As a professional who is highly regarded for the […]

Destry Witt: President at RELiANCE Investing

From an early age, Destry Witt demonstrated the spirit and drive of a true entrepreneur. For more than 30 years, Destry has cultivated his skills as a leader, businessman, and financial adviser to achieve success and establish his prominence.  The stock market has been an object of interest for quite some time, and when the […]

Yuri Vanetik: Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, and Philanthropist

Yuri Vanetik is an entrepreneur, business strategist, political coalition builder, and philanthropist in Orange County, California. He brings over 20 years of professional experience working in a variety of roles and industries, including law, finance, real estate development, politics, and philanthropy. His diverse background and impressive work ethic have allowed Vanetik to thrive in numerous […]

Alex Podgurski: Serial Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert

Alex Podgurski is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert who has spent many years enhancing his knowledge of digital marketing. For over 16 years, Alex has worked in direct response marketing, starting several successful companies. During this time, Alex has been dedicated to learning as much as he can and growing his businesses. He places […]