Jeff Garzik on Bitcoin development

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March 25, 2014 · 1 comment

Jeff Garzik, senior software engineer at Bitpay and one of Bitcoin’s core developers, discusses the future of Bitcoin. Garzik talks with us about what it’s like to be a developer for Bitcoin; how to make the cryptocurrency more secure; what Bitcoin developers have learned from the Mt. Gox crisis; new features that we’ll see from Bitcoin this year; and what we can expect from Bitcoin 2.0.



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  • EconPragmatist

    It seems like Ripple will have broader implications for money transfers than Bitcoin since its allows for a variety of currencies and less intimidating for those less tech savvy. It seems like incumbents like Western Union et al can use this service to reduce their overhead using Ripple to outpace and outmaneuver startups like zipzap,xoom who need to get the state licenses much less than hard won brand recognition as a reliable money service in hard scrabble areas. Silicon Valley seems to neglect the fact that those receiving the remittances in the third world still need a place to collect hard currency since mobile banking and merchant coverage seen in places like Kenya (Mpesa) have not translated into most countries as of yet or the foreseeable future. Either way fascinating how this may disrupt payment systems in the medium term.