Patri Friedman on seasteading

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March 22, 2011 · 2 comments

Patri Friedman, executive director and chairman of the board of The Seasteading Institute, discusses seasteading. Friedman discusses how and why his organization works to enable floating ocean cities that will allow people to test new ideas for government. He talks about advantages of starting new systems of governments in lieu of trying to change existing ones, comparing seasteading to tech start-ups that are ideally positioned to challenge entrenched companies. Friedman also suggests when such experimental communities might become viable and talks about a few inspirations behind his “vision of multiple floating Hong Kongs”: intentional communities, Burning Man, and Ephemerisle.



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  • BigDaddy

    I am a fan of the show, but please stick to Internet/tech policy. This was by far the worst episode of the series – not only because Friedman’s idea is plain weird (I guess someone played way too much Bioshock) – but I could even notice how Jerry Brito was cringing to finish the podcast. I’d rather miss the podcast for a week than hear such nonsense again.

  • PeaceRequiresAnarchy

    Good introduction to Seasteading.

    I would add that one reason to be very excited about seasteading is once radically-improved political and social systems are discovered on the water and demonstrated to actually work, societies on land will be able to adopt these improved systems. The strong public desire to adopt these new systems that they see actually work will be sufficient to overcome any special interests that still want to keep the old political systems for their own benefit.